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This series of pump together with HD (closed impeller) and … Đọc tiếp “HG (HGM-HGA)”

Thông số chi tiết

This series of pump together with HD (closed impeller) and RS (vortex) was designed to meet difficult applications needs with reduced costs. These pumps have the same dimensions as DIN 24256 series. The pumps simple and modular design together with their versatility of use are at the basis of the huge success of this series.
Close coupled centrifugal pumps with open impeller. Obtained through precision casting and pressed AISI 316L steel they are fit to be used in Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, etc. All available models can be equipped with different kinds of seals: single, double, back to back, flushed, cooled, or gland packing.
Construction Versions
HG – HGA: Close-Coupled with standard electric motor.
Series HG – HGV: Flanged unions UNI PN 16
Series HGA-HGVA: DIN 11851 unions (food applications)