Sanitary non self-priming KN2

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For the brewery and beverage industry Design Thick-walled CrNiMo stainless … Đọc tiếp “Sanitary non self-priming KN2”

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For the brewery and beverage industry

Thick-walled CrNiMo stainless steel casing, forged CrNiMo stainless steel casing cover, semi-opened CrNiMo stainless steel impeller, sturdy quick-release clamp ring with hygienic chambered O-ring seal.
Construction arrangements
A….. on adjustable stainless steel machine feet, stainless steel motor cover.
B….. on adjustable stainless steel machine feet.
C….. on motor foot.
D….. on stainless steel foot.
DV.. on stainless steel foot incl. stainless steel motor cover.
All parts in contact with product correspond to the materials
AISI316L (1.4404 or 1,4435), stainless steel motor lantern, various process seal materials to suit application
Shaft seal
Adjusted self cleaning and self rinsing single mechanical seal with uniform shaft diameter of 25mm for aseptic applications and with material combinations depending on product.


· Flow rate  : max. 15.000 l/h @50Hz
· Discharge head  : max. 19 mWC @50Hz
· Motor power  : max. 1,5 kW
· Working temperature  : max. 130°C
· Operating pressure  : max. 10 bar

IEC-standard motor IP 55 hoseproof and with cold inducters, NEMA-standard motor on request.
Optional features

· internal frequency converter FCM 300
· trolley with breaker and cable
· explosion proof EExeIIT3 or EExdeIICT4
· pole changing electric motor
· alternative paint for motor (standard RAL 5015)
· casing with drainage connection or diaphragm valve
Connection in diameters from DN25 up to DN50 or 1“ up to 2“ according to the following standards: DIN, IDF, Clamp, RJT, SMS, small flanges (other on request).