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Operation manual


  1. Pump protection devices such as dry-running protection devices, fuses, Y Strainer, over-pressure relief valves must be installed.
  2. Pressure gauge, flow meters for pump control
  3. Pump flow must be set according to flow direction
  4. Power supply to the pump must be stable (3 phase, 380v, 50Hz or 1 phase, 220v, 50Hz), ground must be connected to the motor, the cab must meet the standard, suitable capacity of motor
  5. Rotation of the pump motor, indicated on the pump body.
  6. Insert the inlet and outlet pipes according to the standard of the pump, clean the pipe before connecting to the pump
  7. Do not operate the metering pump when no load is available, or the discharge port is closed
  8. The piping system must initially adjust the pump flow and the low pressure and then lift the air from the piping system
  9. Flexible hose couplings must be fitted at suction port and discharge port of pump


  1. If the pump is not used for a long time, check, clean it with clean water
  2. Ensure fixed, robust bolts, flanges, pistons, and piping are tightened.
  3. Placed in the proper position so that the pumps are well operated, shielded, well protected, and environmentally appropriate. Not to direct sunlight
  4. The diameter of the fluid hose must not be less than the suction throat of the pump
  5. Periodically replace the lubricant for the pump according to the standard of the manual, lubricant to replace the type required by the supplier and sufficient
  6. After using the pump must be cleaned in the condition of the machine and break off the power
  7. When checking the maintenance of the pump, disconnect the power supply, discharge the pressure in the pipeline, and discharge all the fluid in the pump
  8. Periodic inspection and pump maintenance when abnormal phenomena such as chemical leakage … Must stop to check immediately
  9. Compliance with labor protection (protective clothing, safety glasses, gloves) when installing, inspecting, testing