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Previously, centrifugal pumps were only used in daily activities with relatively small application range. So far, centrifugal pumps have been widely used in large projects or industrial tourism sites. With the application of technology and production lines, companies supply centrifugal pumps with good durability and quality. However, during use, the centrifugal pump may have crashed, or do not know how to use it in a number of features, which will inevitably cause many bugs and unforeseen problems.

• Why do pumps often overload, or sometimes overload?

The basic reason for the overload of the pump is that it is too large, the pressure is greater than the calculated or viscosity is much higher than expected … In this case it is the pump running make loud noise, vibrate strong. The cause is similar to the above phenomenon, however, the pump vibration can be due to the connection from the pump to the motor is not balanced or some valves friction too many times. A common phenomenon that causes the pump to vibrate, shake so strong that it is caused by air bubbles.

  • Why is the motor still running but the centrifugal pump does not discharge?

The first cause of this phenomenon is due to the primer.

The second cause, the mouth of the suction tube has not reached the suction tank. To avoid this phenomenon, users note the length of suction or water tank level.

The third reason is that compared to the design or detailed instructions attached, the pump is running in the opposite direction.

The fourth reason is that there are obstructions or barriers on the bottom that trap the bottom or the screen is too full

In addition, users should note the gas leak or negative pressure system.

Some other important reasons that many people notice little is that the pump has worn out or some parts of the machine have been ruptured or worn out. Users should check the outboard and pump parts, couplings or main shaft. Prior to pump operation, the user should pay particular attention to the power supply to the pump.