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  1. Make sure to fill in the pump, install dry running protection, overheat the pump stator, overheat protection for the motor …
  2. Overload protection device for pump, or install by pass line, overpressure safety valve installation
  3. Electrical enclosures have protection devices such as thermal relays, fuses and stable supply voltage (380V, 3 phases, frequency 50Hz). Grounding wire for motor protection when leakage, electric wire must meet the standard, suitable for the motor capacity
  4. The rotary direction of the screw pump can be run two-way depending on how the power to the motor and the machine
  5. Install the inlet and outlet pipes according to the standards of the pump, soft coupling, anti-vibration for the pump, restrict the intake air, pump body, …
  6. Do not operate the screw pump when no fluid flow, or the discharge port is closed
  7. When removing and installing the coupling, pump seals must follow the instruction book for each type of joint, pump type
  8. The diameter of the fluid hose should not be less than the suction throat of the pump, greater than 1 level
  9. For solid particles larger than the allowable diameter of each pump, the Y filter must be fitted


  1. If the pump is not used for a long time, check, clean it with clean water
  2. Make sure the bolts are firmly fixed such as flanges, couplings, pump feet, pump frames, motors, piping, and mounting brackets.
  3. Pump has to be placed in the proper position, shielded, well protected, suitable environmental temperature and do not to direct the sunlight
  4. Install suction and discharge valves on the pump
  5. Periodically change the lubricant for the gearbox according to the instructions
  6. Note that, only people that is acknowledgement allowed to check, maintenance, assembly pump. But still follow the instructions.
  7. After use, the pump must be cleaned in the condition of the machine off and break off the power supply
  8. When removing stator must carefully guard the rotor of the pump to prevent rotor fall
  9. Compliance with labor protection (protective clothing, safety glasses, gloves) when installing, inspecting, testing