HQ – CS 80 – DN 80 – 3″ G

Technical Data

Nr. Pole 2 / 3000 r.p.m.
Power P2 from 7,5 up to 11,5 kW
Free passage max. 56 mm
Flow max 38,9 l/s – 140,0 m3/h
Head max 41,5 m

Nr. Pole 4 / 1500 r.p.m.
Power P2 2,5 kW and 3,0 kW
Free passage 76 mm
Flow max 31,9 l/s – 115,0 m3/h
Head max 12 m


Submersible pumps with closed impeller with one or more channels. This is a hydraulic solution that ensures a good free passage of solid bodies and a high efficiency. Suitable to pump clean water, sewage and domestic/industrial waste waters. The efficiency of the CS pumps is higher than VORTEX and for this reason are used in the treatment plants and in all those applications where the pump works for long time.

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