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Water supply has a very important role in the life. Water is an essential need for all living creatures, with the development of the economy, the urban environment and the increase in population, to meet the increasing demand for production and living. Natural water is becoming increasingly exhausted and polluted.

That why people must know how to treat the water supply to ensure quality for living and industrial production. Most industries use water as an irreplaceable source, depending on the nature and industrial needs of the water so the quality and quantity of feed water are different from than each purpose.

Water supply system includes: raw water treatment system ( underground & surface water) and water transmission system.

The treatment technology for fresh water depends on the capacity and nature of the raw water to select the most suitable treatment method to meet the environmental technical standards before discharge to others station according to Vietnamese regulatory standard.

In each any technology, processing system is done through the process. With each stage, the raw water will be different, so each stage will have specialized pumps are used to ensure the treatment system is optimal for the final result is the source of clean water.

  1. Raw water collection: Centrifugal and submersible pump
  2. Water treatment : Low and high pressure centrifugal pumps are used
  3. Water transmission: Horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps

The fire fighting system is an indispensable system with any house such as warehouse , apartment and factory. Especially in apartment building, it is necessary to focus and tighten the check to ensure the safety of people and property. Therefore, the fire fighting system is always focused on installation and maintenance by the investors.

Currently, there are many types of fire protection systems from manual to automatic, from simple to complex. Three of the five most popular fire fighting systems nowadays use pump equipment:

1. Semi-automatic fire fighting system.

The system is of a classical type, consisting only of a fire box and a fire hose reel connected to a fire hydrant pump system via water pipes: Single-stage centrifugal pumps and multistage centrifugal pumps.

2 Sprinkler system

This system is most commonly used today. Its mechanism of operation is to spray directly into the burning area where Sprinkler is activated: large capacity of centrifugal pumps + multi-stage with high pressure pumps

3 Flood system

This system is designed to spray large, dense water, which covers a wide area, spraying out at the same time with multiple nozzles arranged in sequence as required by the scene. Therefore, this system requires the use of large-capacity fire-fighting water pumps: large-capacity centrifugal pumps + high pressure