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Curently, products made from rubber have a special role for the industry development. Almost all rubber products are present in all of every industry. These include tire manufacturing, joint sealing, rubber gloves, mattresses, plastic tubes in the medical sector, footwear, children’s toys manufacturing.

In order to achieve the products from rubber (here mainly refers to latex rubber), in the production stages indispensable type of specific pump.

In the fie rubber gloves industry: Air operated double diaphragm pumps or progressing cavity pumps are commonly used to convert latex from tank truck into tanks. Then from there, pumping from the tank to the production stage to form the product.

In the production process, the plant also discharges the amount of wastewater that must be treated before being discharged into the environment. As this result, pumps used for wastewater treatment such as diaphragm, centrifuge, submersible and dosing pumps are used in this process. Therefore, the production process will be important factors to choose the appropriate pump solutions for different stages.