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Nowadays, almost interior building, decoration and cuisine will not be missing the ceramic ware. These products that contribute to the aesthetics and class of a house, uilding (floor tiles, wall tiles, vases,…). Even the cuisine was created class thanks to the cups, bowls with high-grade of ceramics. In order to create a ceramics product with the best quality that is a process that not everyone may knows. Air operated double diaphragm and centrifugal pumps are indispensable.

It seems all the steps in the ceramic-porcelain factory must use the above mentioned pumps. We can introduce the main stage using pumps such as: Pumping water into the mixing tank with clay, water and auxiliary things : This process creates the mixture then is contained in the pits. Centrifugal pumps are used extensively for this process to pump clean water.

Pumping liquid into the spray dryer: In this stage, the diaphragm pump is used to pump the tank mix from the tank through the screening. Then, the filtered liquid will be fed into the oven. Membrane pumps are the best solution for this stage and in many other stages, because the properties can run dry, can pump condensate.

Enamel and Color stage: In this stage, the diaphragm pump is used to pump the enamel onto the hoppers and also uses the diaphragm pumps to pump color to produce the product in different colors.

Knowing the process also makes us more aware of the types of pumps used in the ceramic factory. At the same time, it also makes us better understand the use of different types of pumps.