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Paints are mainly used to protect, decorate or serve some special functional purposes The protection value of the coating is important for exterior or interior surfaces but the external environment is particularly challenging for paint. That is why paint here must be able to withstand the most extreme test. Exterior paints must protect the surface from humid, radioactive, ultraviolet (UV) and atmospheric pollutants and growth of fungi that degrade wood, masonry and even metal surfaces. It is important to consider the fact that the film is usually not 50-75 microns thick – the thickness of a newspaper.

The paint’s importance that was shown in the life; currently, we do not have any a new choice for decorating, protection…exclude use paint.

Special paint functions that are not easy to see them. It is able to obscure fouls in the surface.

High gloss paint has the effect of correcting light and heat radiation.
Some paints provide greater wear resistance for the painted surface. Others offer the ability to slow down the fire process. Some paint is just for eye-catching purposes (make it easy to identify).v.v…

However, no matter what the purpose of the paint is, the degree of success is in the ability of the protective, decorative or functional coating to bond to the substrate and retain the essential properties. Care must be taken to obtain a suitable coating system (from primer to topcoat). Pay special attention to surface treatment and skilled work.

Pump stages in the paint industry:

  • Process of pumping paste into crusher, we use gear or Air operated double diaphragm pump for it.
  • Transmission pumps: After crush, we use the pump to transfer into the tank before filling the paint
  • Use the pump to pump from the tank into the filter and transfer to the packaging.