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In addition to its great contribution to the country’s economic development and its contribution to social welfare, the production activities of enterprises have also contributed to the negative impacts on the ecological environment. The particular concern is waste water.

To solve this concern in a socially responsible way to sustainable development, the construction of a wastewater treatment system for these activities is a mandatory requirement for a business to operate. It can meet the emission standards according to Vietnamese standard.

A wastewater treatment system includes: Industrial wastewater treatment system and domestic wastewater treatment system. The treatment technology for each of these wastewater types depends on the capacity and nature of the wastewater to select the most suitable treatment method to meet the environmental engineering standards before to dischargein to source according to QCVietnamese standard.

In each any technology, processing system is done through the process. With each step, the waste water, sludge and treatment chemicals will be different, so each stage will have dedicated pumps are used to ensure the system to achieve optimal performance.

1. Sewage transportation before and after treatment: centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps

2. Transportation chemical, chemical feed: Centrifugal pump, dosing pump

3. Sludge transport, and sludge treatment: Screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, compressed air pumps

4. Gas supply system: Low-pressure screw blower

5. Mixing tank: mixer