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HQ Pumps – Italy

HQ Pumps S.R.L. was founded in 2010,by three partners from business realities present for years in the market of submersible pumps.

At the operating site at Pavia (Italy), we design and manufacture submersible pumps for municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater and drainage water.

Our goal and philosophy is to provide our customers with a product completely made in Italy and built with quality criteria both the materials and mechanical components.

We turn to distributors, retailers and companies electromechanical. We are present on both the domestic and export markets with a breakdown of the current turnover of 50%.

The speed of response and support to the customer during the sale, supply and after sales service are our strength. The customer has always a contact person within the Company that follows him from the presentation phase of the product until after the sale. The ability to listen to the problems and needs of customers, not to be rigid in the proposals but be open to suggestions and observations, make HQ Pumps Company flexible, versatile, pointing to the end user and to the continuous innovation of the product.